How To Get Apple TV Screensavers Download, Login, and More

Apple TV Screensavers
Apple TV screensavers, renowned for their high-quality aerial shots and picturesque views, have become a hallmark of the Apple ecosystem.
This article will guide you on how to obtain these mesmerizing screensavers, download and log in, their locations, and their availability on different platforms.
Plus, we’ll answer two burning questions: are these screensavers real or CGI, and how long do they last?
Apple TV Screensavers

How to Get Apple TV Screensavers?

Apple TV screensavers are built into the Apple TV and rotate automatically. If you want to access them manually, follow these steps:

  1. On your Apple TV, navigate to “Settings.”
  2. Select “General,” and then select “Screensaver.”
  3. Click on “Type” and select “Aerial.”

Now, your Apple TV will display the aerial screensavers whenever your TV is idle.

How to Download and Login to Apple TV?

To enjoy Apple TV screensavers, you first need to download and log in to your Apple TV. Here’s how:

  1. Connect your Apple TV to your television using an HDMI cable.
  2. Turn on your television and select the HDMI input for your Apple TV.
  3. On your Apple TV, go to “Settings,” then “Apps,” and select “App Store.”
  4. Search for “Apple TV” in the App Store and download it.
  5. Once downloaded, open the Apple TV app and log in using your Apple ID and password.

Apple TV Screensaver Locations

Apple TV screensavers are famous for their breathtaking aerial views of different locations worldwide. These include cityscapes like New York, San Francisco, and London, and stunning natural landscapes like Greenland’s glaciers or Hawaii’s beaches. New locations and scenes are continually added to keep the visuals fresh and captivating.

Apple TV Screensavers on iPhone

While Apple TV screensavers are not directly available on iPhones, you can download an app called “Aerial” from the App Store. This app brings Apple TV’s aerial screensavers to your iPhone, allowing you to enjoy the same stunning imagery.

Apple TV Screensavers on Android

Unfortunately, Apple TV screensavers are not officially available on Android devices. However, there are several third-party apps available on the Google Play Store, like “Aerial – Live Wallpapers,” that replicate the experience by providing similar high-quality aerial footage.

Are Apple TV Screensavers Real or CGI?

Apple TV screensavers are indeed real. They are shot using high-definition cameras mounted on drones and helicopters, capturing cities’ unique beauty and stunning landscapes worldwide. They are not computer-generated images (CGI), making them even more impressive.

How Long Are Apple TV Screensavers?

The length of each Apple TV screensaver varies, but they typically last between 2-3 minutes. However, they seamlessly transition from one screensaver to another when left idle, providing an uninterrupted, calming viewing experience.


Apple TV screensavers offer an immersive experience of exploring spectacular locations right from the comfort of your living room.

While they are an integral part of the Apple TV experience, they can be enjoyed on other devices with a bit of workaround. Real and mesmerizingly beautiful, these screensavers elevate the idle screen experience to new heights.


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