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Google Chrome is the most popular web browser on all Windows and Android platforms, and users adore it for its user-friendly interface, smooth user experience, and fantastic Google ecosystem. Even though it is the best browser available, it is prone to numerous faults and flaws. The Err_Cache_Miss issue is frequently seen by ordinary users and even web engineers.

On a white page, it shows beside an error message: Confirm Form Resubmission. This issue can happen for a number of reasons. But don’t worry, we’ll figure out how to fix it.

How To
How To

How to Fix Google Chrome’s Err_Cache_Miss Error

There are various techniques for resolving the Err_Cache_Miss error; you may use whichever method is most convenient or effective for you.

Method 1: Reloading the Page

Reloading the web page is the most obvious thing to do after this issue appears on the screen. When the problem page opens, Chrome recommends this procedure in the details section. It primarily appears as a result of issues with the website’s cache mechanism.

When a user returns to a prior page in a payment portal, Chrome requests a complete form resubmission and reloads the page, returning the user to the portal’s beginning.

┬áMethod 2: Clear the Browser’s Data

Because the error is caused by a cache memory, which includes temporary files, cookies, and storied history, the solution is to clear the cache memory. It’s not uncommon for Chrome’s temporary files and cookies to clash with the cookies of particular websites or web pages. As a result, it’s a good idea to clear your browser’s cache.

It can be done by navigating to “Settings,” clicking “Restore Settings to Their Original Defaults,” and then selecting “Reset Settings” from the dialogue box. It will remove all of the browser’s temporary files and cookies.

Method 3: Disable One or More Extensions in the Web Browser

Chrome’s extensive extension library makes it possible for users to access and explore the internet with ease. Random extensions, on the other hand, may result in the Err_Cache_Miss error. To avoid this problem, it is recommended that you delete all unnecessary extensions from Chrome.

By clicking on the corresponding extension icons to the left of the URL bar, you may access all loaded extensions. It can be uninstalled or deactivated by right-clicking on the corresponding icons and selecting “disable temporarily” or “delete the extension from chrome,” respectively.

Method 4: Use Command Prompt to Reset the Network

The problem can also be fixed using the command prompt. To open the command prompt, put “Command Prompt” into the start menu’s search field. Type “ipconfig /release,” then “ipconfig /all,” then “ipconfig /flushdns” in the command prompt command box that appears.

It will say “successfully purged the DNS Resolver cache” after you type. Following that, type “ipconfig /renew,” “nets int ip set dns,” and “netsh winsock reset.” The user will then be prompted to restart the computer. Check to check if the problem has been repaired by restarting the computer and then opening the browser.

Method 5: Disable Cache in the Web Browser

Disabling the cache in the web browser can also fix the Err_Cache_Miss problem. To disable the cache, go to the top-right-hand side and click the “menu button,” which is next to the URL bar and extension icons. From the drop-down menu, choose “Developer tools.”

Ctrl + Shift + I can also be used to access this menu. The dev window tool will display after that; pick “network” and then “disable cache option” from the drop-down menu. The cache in the web browser can be disabled in this way, which may restore the error.

Method 6: Using the Dev (Developer’s) Tools

The web developer option is used to totally disable the web browser’s cache memory. How to disable it was already explained in the previous point. To enter the dev tools, click Ctrl + Shift + I, then pick “disable cache option” from the “F1” menu. Refresh the page to see whether the error persists.

Method 7: Reset the Web Browser

By restoring the Web browser to its default settings, the error Conform form resubmission, or Err_Cache_Miss, can be avoided. It’s as simple as clicking the “menu icon” in the address bar. After that, from the drop-down menu, select “Settings.”

To access the “Advanced” section, scroll down to the bottom of the “Settings” page and click the “Advanced” link. Similarly, the “reset” option may be found at the bottom of the “Advance” page. In the pop-up dialogue box, click the “reset” button. This will entirely restore the browser’s default settings.


Despite the fact that the Err_Cache_Miss problem affects a big number of internet users on a regular basis. The procedure for correcting the error is simple and convenient. It usually happens when data stored in a browser as cookies, cache memory, or temporary files causes problems when viewing a website. It can undoubtedly be resolved by using any of the methods listed above.


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