System Service Exception (0x0000003b) Error in Windows 10


The BSOD problem 0x0000003B (System Service Exception) is most commonly seen in Windows 10, although it can also be detected in Windows 7, 8, or 8.1. The System Service Exception (0x0000003b) error indicates a problem with your computer’s processes, as well as a conflict between the Windows installation and the drivers, i.e., incompatibility.

System Service Exception is one of the most inconvenient issues we encounter when using our computers. Corrupted Windows System files are the most common cause of System Service Exception (0x0000003b) errors, however there are other causes as well:


Reason 1: because your Windows drivers are damaged, outdated, or incompatible.

Reason 2: Corrupted or buggy Windows upgrades.

Reason 3: Viruses, malware, and other dangerous software constitute 

Reason 4: Inadequate RAM or registry configuration.

Now that you know what System Service Exception Problem is and what the various causes of 0x0000003b error are, we’ll provide some helpful fixes in this post to help you fix System Service Exception (0x0000003b) error.

In Windows 10, how can you fix the System Service Exception (0x0000003b) error?

The following is a list of fixes for the System Service Exception (0x0000003b) Error in Windows 10 –

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Method 1:  use Startup Repair.

Step 1- Turn on your computer and click the Shift + F8 key combination to get Legacy Boot Options.

Step 2 – You’ll be sent to a new window with options, from which you should choose Troubleshoot.

Step 3 – Select Advanced Options from the troubleshooting window.

Step 4 – You will then be transported to the advanced options window, where you can pick Startup/Automatic repair.

Step 5 – After that, the computer system will check for any potential problems, and if any are found, the system will automatically correct them.

Other options include:

CompatTelRunner.exe Error with High CPU and Disk Usage

Method 2 – Run Disk Check & System File Checker in Windows 10 Error 0x80070570 in Windows Update

Step 1- Turn on your computer and press the Windows Key + X combo.

Step 2 – A drop-down menu will appear, from which you can choose Command Prompt (Admin).

Step 3 – Type the following commands in the command prompt window:

– Sfc/scannow and chkdsk/f C – and after each command, click enter.

Step 4 – After that, wait a while and allow the process above run; the process will assist in finding, correcting, and fixing problematic sectors.

Step 5 – Once the previous steps have been completed and your computer’s hard disc has been cleaned, reboot your computer so that the adjustments you’ve made can take effect.

Method 3: Update Your Drivers

As previously stated, the 0x0000003b issue might also be caused by obsolete or mismatched window drivers. As a result, you should check to see if your computer has the most recent driver, and if not, you should install the most recent drivers using the instructions below –

Step 1- Turn on your computer and hit the Windows key + R to bring up the Run Dialog Box.

Step 2 – Now put devmgmt.msc into the dialogue box and click Enter; you will be taken to a new Device Manager window. In the new window, you’ll see a list of controllers, some of which will have a yellow exclamation mark next to them. Select all drivers with a yellow exclamation mark, such as video card drivers and sound card drivers, and update them.

Step 3 – Then, to complete the driver update procedure, carefully follow all of the instructions displayed on the screen.

Step 4 – If the above procedure does not work, delete the driver and restart your computer; the system will then install the newest updates automatically.

Step 5 – After that, carefully download and install “Intel Driver Utility” and start it. Then click Next on Accept the License & Agreement and install it.

Step 6 – After that, open the utility driver software and do a full scan, then click on the download button.

Step 7 – After that, install the latest Intel Drivers for your computer and restart it after the installation is finished.

Method 4: Uninstall Windows Update KB2778344

Step 1 – Turn on your computer, and make sure it’s in safe mode before beginning the process of uninstalling Windows Update KB2778344.

Step 2 – Next, go to the search menu and type Control Panel into the search box, then choose it.

Step 3 – Select the Program Option from the control panel window, then Programs & Features.

Step 4 – You’ll be redirected to a new window with the View Installed Updates option on the top left, click it, and then input KB2778344 into the search bar.

Step 5 – When a specific Windows Security Update appears, right-click on it and choose remove.

Step 6 – A checkbox will appear to confirm your click, select Yes, and restart your PC once the update has been deleted.

Method 5: Run the Windows Memory Diagnostics programme

Because bad memory on your computer is one of the causes of the 0x0000003b issue, this Fix is also useful in fixing the System Service Exception error. The procedures below will assist you in running Windows Memory Diagnostic –

Step 1- Turn on your computer and type “Windows Memory Diagnostic” into the Windows Search Bar.

Step 2 – Two options will display after you type; select the Restart Now option to check for errors and wait a while.

Step 3 – Windows will begin to do a RAM check on your computer and will then inform you of the various causes of this error.

Step 4 – Restart your computer and see if the System Service Exception (0x0000003b) Trouble in Windows 10 error persists.

Step 5 – If the problem has not been resolved, you should run Memtest86.

Method 6: In Windows, use the BSOD Troubleshooter Tool.

Step 1- Turn on your computer, click the Windows icon, type Troubleshoot in the search field, and then pick Troubleshooting.

Step 2 – In the troubleshooting window, pick Hardware & Sound, then Blue Screen under Windows.

Step 3 – In the blue screen window, go to Advanced Options and pick the “Automatically apply repairs” option > then click Next and wait for the process to complete.

Step 4- Last but not least, reboot your computer.

Method 7: Download and install the Microsoft Hotfix

Step 1- Turn on your computer and launch your preferred browser.

Step 2- Go to the URL and click it.

Step 3 – Next, select the Hotfix Download option from the drop-down menu and install it.

Step 4 – When you’re finished, “reboot your computer.”

Method 8: Use CCleaner and an antimalware programme

Step 1- First and foremost, turn on your computer and download and install CCleaner and Malwarebytes.

Step 2 – Next, open Malwarebytes and run a full scan on your computer with it to see if there are any harmful files.

Step 3 – If Malwarebytes detects a harmful file on your computer, it will automatically fix/remove it.

Step 4 – After that, go to the Windows tab and look for a section called Cleaner. Please click on it.

Step 5 – After that, double-check its right points and then click the Run Cleaner button to end the process.

Step 6 – If you want to clean your computer system even more thoroughly, go to the Registry Tab and check all of the essential settings.

Step 7 – After that, pick scan for the issues that the system displays. Once you’ve given the command to scan, CCleaner will run, and once it’s finished, select and click on the Fix Selected Issues button.

Step 8 – A checkbox will appear, asking if you wish to backup the registry changes. then select Yes from the drop-down menu.

Step 9 – Once the backup is complete, choose Fix all chosen issues and allow it to resolve the System Service Exception problems.

Method 9: Uninstall Specific Programs

In this Fix, we’ll provide you a list of programmes, and all you have to do is disable or uninstall them one by one, whichever works best for each software, and then see if the problem still exists:

Step 1 – Turn off McAfee before turning on your computer.

Step 2 – Finally, turn off the webcam.

Step 3 – After that, go to Virtual Clone Drive.

Step 4 – BitDefender is the next step.

Step 5 – Finally, Xsplit.

Step 6- MSI Live Update

Step 7-Download VPN Software (if there is any on your computer).

Step 8 – The AS Media USB device comes next.

Step 9 – After that, install the Western Digital or any other external hard disc driver.

Step 10– Finally, install the Nvidia or AMD graphics card software.

Method 10: Revise Recent Changes

This System Service Exception problem, often known as a Blue Screen Error, can occur as a result of a recent update to our computer system. It can happen if you’ve added/installed new software, or it could be hardware.

If you made any modifications, the quickest method to resolve this issue is to undo them and then check whether the problem has been resolved.

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Finally, we reviewed what System Service Exception error, often known as Blue Screen error, is, what the various causes of System Service Exception (0x0000003b) issue are, and how we may solve System Service Exception error ourselves in this post.

The Fixes listed in this article have been tried and found to be effective in resolving System Service Exception Errors. Furthermore, you are not required to follow all of the Fixes listed here; a combination of two or maybe more Fixes will undoubtedly assist you in resolving the System Service Exception (0x0000003b) Error. Whatever Fix you use, always apply it gently and step by step.


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