How To Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error In 10 Easy Ways

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The 502 Bad Gateway error is the subject of this article. We’ll go through what this problem is, how it happens, how to correct it, and more in this article. So, in a nutshell, we’ll address all of your inquiries about the 502 Bad Gateway. So, let’s get this party started.

As people visit the site, the web servers receive requests from the browser. The servers then handle all of the requests and return them with both an HTTP status code and their on-demand resources. The HTTP status codes are not visible if a problem occurs along the journey.

How To
How To

The servers then communicate the information to each other and to all of the end-users. The 502 Bad Gateway has been identified and is widely regarded as the most prevalent HTTP status code. The 502 faulty gateway can be aggravating, but it is not hard to resolve. Let’s move on to the next section of our article now.

What Does the Error Code 502 Mean?

All HTTP status codes, starting with “5” as the first digit, describe faults that occur during any communication gap between servers. The reasons may vary depending on the appearance, but in most cases, the issue is found on the server side. When the error 502 Bad Gateway displays, it attempts to explain that the server issued a response that was inappropriate for the other server.

As a result, a gateway or proxy is created. Every request made on the internet is routed through a number of different gateways. The issue emerges in identifying the precise mechanism that led to this end result. I used the term “consequence” to refer to the error that occurs. You don’t have to be concerned because there are procedures in place to deal with the problem. The 502 Bad Gateway error is known by many different names. Here are a few examples:

Error 502: Temporary Error (502)
Bad Gateway Error 502 HTTP Error 502
The server encountered a brief issue and was unable to finish your request.
502 -While functioning as a gateway or proxy server, the web server received an incorrect answer.
502 Service is currently overburdened.
Nginx HTTP 502 502 Bad Gateway

How to Fix Error 502 Bad Gateway

The most prevalent cause of the 502 Bad Gateway error is stated to be a server-side problem. However, there may be instances where the issue arises from the client’s perspective. We’ll go over all of the different issue-resolution processes, taking into account both the client-side and server-side causes of the problem.

A handful of the approaches presented here are intended to be used on Word-Press, preferably. However, the majority of the techniques may be used on any form of website. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at each of the approaches one by one.

Method 1: Refresh the page

Let’s start with the easiest. You should hold your breath for one to two minutes. Then refresh the page you’re currently on. In the vast majority of situations, this problem is not permanent. As a result, refreshing the website may work and fulfil the moto. You can check whether the site is down or not during the page refresh process. With the help of the online tool, you can verify this.

 Method 2: Clear Browser Cache

If the problem persists, it’s possible that a cached item is causing the problem. The method for “cleaning the browser cache” can now be completed. This is thought to be a reasonable method to use in dealing with the 502 Bad Gateway Error.

Method 3: Change Your Browser

Another option you could use is to use the incognito version to search for the attachment. You are also free to use an other browser. That is entirely dependent on your decision. This remedy will assist you in the event that the problem is caused by the browser.

Method 4: DNS Flushing

The DNS is the next in line. Yes, the 502 Bad Gateway Error may arise as a result of DNS issues. This includes incorrect IP address values in the cache. In this case, flushing DNS is a viable approach for resolving the problem. Another solution is to use the Google Public DNS server instead of the default DNS server.

Method 5: Run a Test on a Different Device

Follow this procedure to determine whether the 502 Bad Gateway error is caused by the set-up you’re using or not. You should try this connection on another machine. You can also utilise any phone that is connected to a different network.

Method 6: Examine the Error Log

Another factor to consider is the website itself. Yes, if you’re getting the 502 Bad Gateway problem, it’s possible that it came about as a result of the website’s alteration. For the same, you can use the “check the error log” method. This would be quite helpful. When using WordPress, you can enable error logging by inserting the following statements in wp-config.php:

define(‘WP DEBUG’, true); define(‘WP DEBUG’, true); define(‘WP DE

define(‘WP DEBUG LOG’, true); define(‘WP DEBUG LOG’, true); define(‘WP DE

define(‘WP DEBUG DISPLAY’, false); define(‘WP DEBUG DISPLAY’, false); define(‘WP DE

The output will be displayed in the debug.log file in the wp-contents/ directory.

Method 7: Examine Plugins

Remember to keep an eye on your plugins and extensions at all times. The use of caching plugins may exacerbate the 502 Bad Gateway Error. You can achieve this by just turning them off for a brief period of time. To continue, navigate to the wp-content directory. Then you must change the name of the plugins directory.

If the site runs smoothly even when the plugins are disabled, it’s time to rename the plugins folder and confirm it. Make all of the plugins inactive one by one as you go. This will allow you to identify the offending plugin that is causing the 502 Bad Gateway Error.

Method 8: Verify CDNs

The CDNs and DDoS mitigation services are the next in line. The one among them is CloudFlare. On the basis of the problem, the 502 Bad Gateway arises in two variations. Contact the customer support team to remedy the issue caused by the Cloud Flare. You can also turn off CloudFlare. Because the DNS process will take some time, go get a cup of coffee. Take advantage of this time off. If you are certain that this is the cause, then the issue is with your current host provider.

Method 9: Visit the Website

If you’re still getting the 502 Bad Gateway error, it’s possible that everyone else on the server is experiencing the same problem. You can use the online tool to get started. They will assist you in determining whether or not the website is down. Simply type in the URL, and you’ll see whether it’s down or up.

Method 10: Contact Customer Service

To try this solution, you must first try the procedures stated above. If you’ve previously tried everything and are still having problems, contact the customer care team. Be cautious and detail all of the ways you’ve tried but failed to resolve this problem. Give as many details as you can about each move you made. They will undoubtedly assist you in this matter.


To sum up my section, I recommend that you start with the simple procedures and then work your way up to the solution. Simply go with the flow, and you’ll arrive at your destination in no time.


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